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Das Kunstareal verbindet - Licht I Tanz (2020) 
Music: Philipp Kampmann
Video: We Are Video
The Elements (2019) 
Music & Sound Design: Philipp Kampmann
Film & Artwork: Philipp Frank
Project Site: LUMATAR
Selected Projects
Selected Projects
World Order Plakat.jpg
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World Order (2020) 
Theme Music: Philipp Kampmann
Film: Roberto Puzzo
639 Hz (2019) 
Music & Sound Design: Philipp Kampmann
Concept & Design: Felix Frank
Inside of me (2019) 
Music & Sound Design: Philipp Kampmann
Painting: Philipp Frank


I am a freelancing composer, sound designer and musician based in Munich. For several years now, I’ve been producing electronic music and custom made sounds for films and videos. My mission is to trigger emotions, wich underline the storytelling of products and brands. My daily mantra is to perfectly meet customer’s demands and expectations. My toolbox is composed of trending beats, styles and sounds. My passion is to support the creation of unique, fresh sounding and recognizable customer experiences.

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